The crematorium was first established in 1957. Purewa was the second such facility to provide cremation services in Auckland

In the early 1980s, it became apparent that one chapel and one cremator could not cope with demand. In 1982, extensions were completed with a second cremator installed and the completion of a second chapel.

During 2000, further upgrading was required. Technology has now provided computerised cremators that are environmentally sensitive and comply with all air discharge regulations and bylaws. Through this process and new installations, Purewa now operates state of the art technology that will allow the facility to operate well into the 21st century.

Following the service of your choice, the casket can be lowered to the committal position, allowing mourners to come forward and pay their last respects. Mourners may wish to place a flower or petal on to the casket. Following the cremation process, your loved one's ashes will be held by the funeral director until you are ready for the next step. When you feel the time is right, your family can select a final resting place and memorial for your loved one's ashes within Purewa's park-like surroundings.