The All Saints Chapel has seating capacity for 208 people. By contrast, the All Souls Chapel has seating capacity for 56 people. For the larger funerals, there are covered areas outside bothchapels that will allow standing room for up to 300 people and 50 people respectively. Large glass doors and windows at the rear of the chapels also allow mourners to view the service from outside.

In addition, the audio and video facilities provided in the chapels can be used to make a permanent record of the service. Music can be played throughout the service on our first-class sound system.

Purewa offers an extensive range of its own music, including electronic organs in both chapels. Alternatively, we can accommodate music supplied by the family.

Our chapel attendants are always very willing to work with bereaved families, funeral directors and clergy to ensure special requests are accommodated.

Both chapels offer bereaved families the opportunity to have caskets open for viewing throughout the service. All Saints and all Souls Chapels are available for full and committal services.