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Our Burial Plots

Often your loved one has made their wishes known, but if not then it is up to the family to choose.

Whatever your choice, Purewa Cemetery will be able to assist and guide you in this process.

In New Zealand, there are four options available: burial, cremation, burial at sea or donating a body to medical science.

In the past, burial was the most common choice and is still favoured by many. It provides a family with a focal point, a grave to go to where you remember your loved one.

Burial involves buying a burial plot and paying an interment fee, which covers the cost of digging the grave and maintaining it, and usually buying a memorial or headstone. In almost all cases, the places people can be buried are limited by law to official cemeteries or traditional burial grounds.

Purewa Cemetery Plots

Purewa Cemetery allows for both single and double depth plots

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