Administration Office

New to Purewa is the Administration Area, where you will find our staff, who are a helpful, courteous team who provide professional service and are capable of dealing with bereaved families, and funeral directors and clergy to ensure all requests are accomodated. Purewa's administration office offers many services to bereaved families. Our courteous office personnel welcome all enquiries with dignity and compassion. We offer:
  • Ash plot purchases.
  • Columbarium/Niche Wall facilities.
  • Plaque and memorial ordering and installation.
  • Help with burial plot selections.
  • A large variety of ash urns to suit all tastes.
  • Ceramic photo preservation to maintain portraits against the elements, with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Granite and aggregate flower vases with inserts.
  • Genealogical research facilities.
Purewa’s Current Pricelist